Activism Alarm

Shareholder activism is a growing trend and top of mind for many IROs. Understanding activist trading patterns and recognizing when a company is at risk for this type of investor is the key to staying ahead of the game. Q4’s Activism Alarm is a unique and proprietary approach to identifying activist activity in real-time, bridging the gap between panicked reactions and strategic proactivity.


Precise activist tracking by our experienced team of surveillance analysts coupled with sophisticated trading algorithms has given rise to a new area of focus in predictive analytics: activist trading recognition. With Q4’s Activist Alarm, you have unprecedented access to real-time data that keeps you in a proactive position.

Data-driven Results

Proven backtested results showing >42% accuracy in predicting activist trading.

Real-Time Data

Real-time trade monitoring is always scanning for potential activist movements in your stock. Know about potential activist accumulation as it’s happening, so you can form a plan of action.

Experience on your side

Gain insight from the industry’s most experienced team of surveillance analysts so you can stay ahead of the market and execute world-class investor relations programs.

Peer Insight

Monitor potential activist accumulations within your peers’ shareholder base.

Identify the Players

Map profiles of activist investors and proactively identify those investors most likely to engage in your stock.

Be Proactive

Get ahead of activist trading and take important steps to securing defensive measures at the management and board level.

Complete Guidance

Understand real-time shareholder movements with ongoing insight into derivative exposure.


Learn how Q4’s predictive analytics model can help IROs predict and recognize activist trading.

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